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Welcome to Habibi Shawarmas! Experience authentic Mediterranean flavors right here in Naperville, IL. While we do not offer delivery services, we invite you to visit us at our location for a delightful pick-up experience that promises the freshest and most tantalizing halal dishes.

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At Habibi Shawarmas, we are proud to offer a wide variety of shawarma dishes, each prepared with halal-certified meats and the freshest ingredients. Whether you’re craving chicken, beef, or a vegetarian option, our menu has something special for everyone.

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What Our Customer Say?

Joe OBrien
Joe OBrien
One of my favorite place. They have weekly specials for their sandwiches. Highly recommend!
Thomas LinScents
Thomas LinScents
What more can I say. Amazing people and I was blessed by the owner. He literally gave me 3 sandwiches on the house. I can't thank this establishment enough.
yoav saada
yoav saada
Best shawarma in Chicagoland. All the 1 star reviews here are simply lies. Extremely fresh. Huge portions. And very fair price. Try the Amba sauce next time
Ranger Pritchard
Ranger Pritchard
Excellent food for an excellent price. I don't like spicy food so ordered without hot sauce, I got a yogurt drink in case there was still to much spice. I ended up not needing the drink, the food was perfectly spiced, didn't have the tough chunks gyro meat sometimes has. Will come back.
Sulaiman Farooqui
Sulaiman Farooqui
It reminded me of the time I went to a Mexican restaurant owned by 2 Brits. Not very authentic. Not very halal. And definitely not very Habibi.

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Located conveniently in Naperville, Habibi Shawarmas is your go-to spot for delicious shawarma and Mediterranean dishes. Whether you are searching for “shawarma near me” or “halal food near me,” look no further than our welcoming restaurant.

Don’t wait! Visit our website now to explore the full “Habibi Shawarma Naperville menu” and plan your next visit. Indulge in the best shawarma Naperville has to offer!

Frequently Ask Questions You Should Know

What is Habibi Shawarma?

Habibi Shawarma is our signature dish, featuring tender, juicy meat cooked to perfection with a blend of traditional spices and served wrapped in a soft, warm pita with fresh vegetables and sauces. It embodies the authentic taste of the Mediterranean right here in Naperville.

Can I see the Habibi Shawarma Naperville menu online?

Yes, you can view our full menu online, including descriptions of our various shawarma dishes and other Mediterranean favorites. Visit our website at habibishawarmas.com to explore our offerings and plan your meal.

Where can I find the best shawarma near me in Naperville?

For the best shawarma in Naperville, look no further than Habibi Shawarmas. We are located conveniently in the heart of Naperville, offering a range of shawarma options that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

What types of shawarma do you offer?

We offer a variety of shawarma types to cater to every palate, including chicken, beef, and several vegetarian options. Each type comes with a choice of flavors such as classic, garlic, or spicy.

Are there any good places for Mediterranean food near me in Naperville that offer halal options?

Absolutely! Habibi Shawarmas is proud to be a top choice for halal Mediterranean food in Naperville. All our dishes are prepared using halal-certified ingredients, ensuring that we meet all dietary requirements for our customers.